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From Prison To Purpose
Steve's Life Changing Book...
A Journey To Answering Life's Greatest Question
By reading Hopper’s personal and challenging story, and following his example, others can begin their own journey of discovery. Experience his tears and triumphs, failures and successes, and apply those experiences to your own life as God reveals the answers to your life’s greatest questions.
THe Colors of influence 
5 Part Audio Series
Understanding people can change everything...
We are all a combination of each of the 4 personality types, however...there is always one dominant in each of us.

As you strive to learn and master the ability to influence others, understanding the different personality types is imperative to your growth.
Imagine walking into an event and upon meeting someone for the first time-knowing almost right away what will trip their trigger! I mean that in a good way! What if you knew their strengths and their weaknesses, but most importantly how to influence them?

That is what you are going to receive from this amazing training! Let's have some fun, and let's Master The Ability to Influence!
the $100,000 handshake
2 Days Intensive
networking secrets every entrepreneur must know
Business Networking will always be one of the most powerful ways to generate sales and to grow a thriving business. As a nationally renowned networking expert, Steve Hopper has taught people from all walks of life how to intentionally and systematically build a powerful network to achieve higher levels of business development.

During the $100,000 Handshake Seminar attendees will learn the Power of Networking and How to Do It Effectively. Yes, that implies that there is an ineffective way to do it. Unfortunately 90% of professionals are doing it the wrong way, and it’s costing them money.

Steve will powerfully deliver the Do’s and Dont's of Business Networking and enrich seminar participants with a systematic approach to developing a stronger network, more referrals, and deeper relationships.

This highly effective seminar will help your organization or sales team to develop the $100,000 Handshake!
The next 12 months can impact your business in a way you've never imagined. With a full schedule of workshops taking place every 6-8 weeks over the next 12 months you will learn skills that will help you generate new business, build a stronger network, and market yourself like never before. 

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